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Who is this place for?

Anyone looking for a place located in a quiet area, yet close to the urban infrastructure (shops, church, park, etc.). For those who want to remain independent, but no longer have the strength and willingness to do their daily duties. For those who want to remain independent, value comfort, but on the other hand they enjoy good company, the opportunity to spend time on various activities. For intellectually fit people, because our facility is an open place – the residents can go for a walk in the area at any time or decide to have a further trip.

Who should look elsewhere?

For people with memory problems, who tend to escape from a facility, we suggest finding closed centres that restrict freedom, but are more suitable for such cases. Also, people recovering from severe strokes, whose condition is unstable and therefore should be under constant medical care.

Why should I choose this facility?

Our house has a unique family atmosphere. Each member of staff, from the director to the cleaning lady, realises the meaning of conversation and care for our residents. Sometimes all it takes is a moment of chitchat, tea, other times you might need a longer conversation, support from a therapist. This is not a storage room for the elderly – for us, they are exceptional people, treasure troves of life experience and extraordinary stories, people who have different passions and want to develop them further. Here, they can do it – not just exist, but live, laugh, talk, reminisce. They can have more fun than many young people, and surprise others with positive energy, which is very contagious. In our house, we focus mainly on good relations, but also on high level of service and safety.

Isn’t it inappropriate to send away parents, grandparents or relatives to a care house? What would others say?

First of all, it is inappropriate to leave such people unattended. With the pace of modern life, when we are busy with work, house chores and other obligations, we tend to stay a greater part of a day outside the house. Our parents or grandparents spend this time alone and lonely. There is no one to serve them dinner or remind them to take their medicine. We are growing in remorse, helplessness and self-pity, and at the same time we lack the strength and ideas on how to solve this. Having a caregiver come for a few hours does not solve the issue either. This is where we come to the rescue. With our help, a person close to you is under constant attendance of nurses and caregivers, they are served meals at fixed times, participate in social life, have the opportunity to develop their passions or receive daily rehabilitation. Would you rather rush home to serve a quick dinner to your elderly parent or visit them in a place, where on that day they had a gymnastics classes, played a chess game, took part in a therapy, chatted with a caregiver and were just enjoying life, rocking on a swing?

What type of rehabilitation and therapy services do we offer?

We specialise in neurological and orthopaedic therapy, provided in our state-of the-art physiotherapeutic facilities. We offer the procedures contracted with the National Health Fund for residents of the House and out-patients. The procedures include: laser therapy, classical massage, whirlpool massage of upper and lower limbs, kinesiology taping, magnetotherapy, and many more. Our detailed offer is found in the REHABILITATION tab.

Temporary/ Seasonal stay – what is it?

You can choose from the offer of rehabilitation holidays and improve your physical and motor condition. You can also spend the winter with us, when staying at home requires constant control over the heating system of your house, the weather makes it difficult to go outside, do shopping or visit a doctor. You can move to us for the duration of your caregiver’s holiday or work abroad. We are open to your needs and will be happy to support you.

tel. +48 41 353 86 28